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Linger a Little Longer

I hope this post finds you well. It's been a few years since Linger the book was released, and a few more since I wrote the song it was based on (if you aren't familiar with Linger, it's about my feelings of loss and pride on my youngest daughter's first day of school). I relived the feelings behind that song ten fold this fall as I watched my 18 year old daughter, Mae, pack most of her things into her Jeep and drive away to start a new segment in her life out west. Wow! Wait a minute! Where the heck did the last 18 years go? She should still be getting on the school bus all proud wearing her new, first day of school outfit. I should have packed her a lunch and I should have fresh cookies waiting for her when she gets off the bus so we can sit and she can share the adventures of her day with me. 

Truthfully, to see her driving away with a smile on her face and maybe a couple tears in her eyes is really what her dad and I have been working toward all these years. We want her to go and seek and adventure and fly. We are so proud of her and so excited to watch as this new phase of her life unfolds. But for the moment, I'm going to Linger a little longer...

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My beautifully talented friend, Megan Mansbridge – who also illustrated my first book, Linger, has joined me again to transform my song, “Who’s That Man?”, into an amazingly illustrated children’s book. The story comes from some of my family history with WWII. It’s a story about a homecoming – separated by war, a small boy (my dad) meets his father (my grandfather) for the first time and finds they have been connected by love all along...

Marny's first book, Linger is a beautifully illustrated story with three dimensional artwork by Megan Mansbridge, set in the picturesque Qu'Apppelle Valley. It eloquently shares a mother's bittersweet feelings of loss and pride on her child's first day of school. To watch the video, please visit Videos. For more on the book...




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